Our History

LACHIBA has a reputation of developing innovative products that bring relief to people’s life. The first of such products being introduced to market is the revolutionary beans peeler. We are a unique manufacturing company having reputable partners for production of our products. We set ourselves apart by mixing creative thinking and colorful ideas to take the drudgery out of food preparation.

It’s About Persistence

Since established, we have continued in research and development which has now yielded the creation of revolutionary products, the first being the beans peeler, a portable kitchen electric appliance. Every Chef and those involved in cooking recipes of peeled legumes will enjoy the extraordinary support that this product provides.

The revolutionary beans peeler was invented by one of the founders of LACHIBA and is patented. We pay attention to detail and quality to maintain our vision of becoming one of the most desired innovative company on the planet. Our strength is an unmatched standard for excellence, quality, and customer service.