Mung bean cake is a traditional and popular Chinese dessert in summer. The main ingredient, mung beans or sometimes called as green mung bean is a common and daily ingredient in Chinese cooking. In traditional Chinese medicine, those little green beans have a cold property, which can further help to protect our body from hot temperature in summer.

Many varieties of mung bean cake are available, but in general, they are shaped by different cake moulds like mooncake moulds. For a smoother and fine taste it is usual to pre-soak the green mung beans and peel by hand. But it is a really hard task that requires patience and time. All thanks to LACHI Beans Peeler that can now be used to reduce peeling effort and processing time.


200g green mung beans
100g sugar
10g vegetable oil
20g malt sugar
50g red bean paste

Step 1. Peel the green mung beans using the LACHI Beans Peeler.
Step 2. Steam the beans to further soften them and use a blender to finely blend.
Step 3. Place the blended beans in a large bowl, add sugar, malt sugar and oil, and stir until even.
Step 4. The mixture should now be quite thick and basically resemble bean dough at this stage.
Step 5. Divide the dough into smaller pieces, before digging a small hole in each piece and filling the depression with red bean paste.
Step 6. Cover the hole so the red bean paste sits snuggly inside and mold into whatever shape you desire.
Step 7. Steam the cakes for four-to-five minutes. After they’ve cooled store them in refrigerator for three hours.
Step 8. Serve cold.